Barnet Shenkin

So with Valentines day approaching my wife Maggie gave me a lovely gift of a double squeeze. If you would like to check it out you can see it here Very fitting for  the day , one of the finer things in life. Barnet
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Check out two new articles one featuring Maggie Shenkin in a Valentines double squeeze   here One  featuring World Champion Jeff Meckstroth here
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Tip of the week (29 Sep)

"I was able to access and view the recordings successfully. Thank you again for your illuminating ideas. It's been priceless value."

Peter Malan

Bob Hamman

Bob Hamman Another player with a claim as one of the best ever bridge players of all time. Hamman’s successes span 4 generations. I watched him win his first World Championship in 1970. I was in Beijing China in 1995 when he beat Canada in the final in what turned out to be an exciting mach. I commentated on the last two he won on Bridge Base Online the last being in Nov 09. A player with great focus, concentration, and determination. Any team he is on is extremely hard to beat. Since arriving in USA I played 3 big matches against Bob, two finals and a semi-final...
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