Barnet Shenkin

Meckstroth has the answer. by barnet shenkin next

At the Orlando Regional , I was fortunate to be on the sidelines and watch Jeff Meckstroth face the following problem. He and Rodwell well facing a strong young Polish pair.
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After North had shown 10+ cards in hearts and a minor he x the final contract . South with 7 card spades worked out North likely was void.He led the ♠2. When Meckstroth saw this he thought for a few seconds and the payed low preserving the Ace King in dummy. When North ruffed., he elected to return a club in response to his partner's suit preference 2. This was not a success and Meckstroth claimed his contract.. South was very agitated and said "Nice double partner "  In English so I could understand him. Otherwise South would lead  a heart ruff partners heart at trick 2 and a spade ruff would beat the contract. Perhaps South should have led a middle spade suggesting to partner he had not the club Ace and was not sure where his entry lay. It could have been in clubs if partner held the ace or in hearts . Let partner work it it out. Anyway kudos to Meckers for getting it right. The SA ultimately provided a discard for  heart loser