Barnet Shenkin

Online lectures (LIVE!)

For the first time in Bridge online presentations, you can both watch a bridge lesson with ideas clearly displayed ,and listen live to Barnet in English tinged with a touch of Scottish!

The format

  1. The student will go to a meeting room. Enter your name to Join the room. Click cam opposite Barnet’s name.
  2. The audio will be established and a powerpoint presentation will be shown. Open the link and click View Remote PC and enter the special code provided. If you have problems with the Java Applet you can download and use the application.
  3. The students might go to BBO (BridgeBaseOnline).
  4. In some lesson cases you can watch without having BBO.
  5. In some lessons you will be invited to play a hand with the lesson ideas.
  6. Questions can be asked thru BBO or the meeting room.

Each course will contain 6 two hour lessons. The topics are shown below. Each lesson will be presented on a wednesday at 7pm Eastern Time and a saturday at 4pm. Any student can attend it twice if he would like to. To see what time it is, your time, you can use the time converter.

Copies of the lesson hands will be sent to each student by email after the lesson. The ideas will also be sent to each student.

Follow the steps to join Free Workshops. Barnet will help you to set up his new lesson concept and take some questions in his chat room. Check the dates.

The content

The key idea is for you to change and improve the way you think about a bridge hand and problem.

Course 1

  • Declarer play
  • 1. communications
  • 2. how to time the play to take all your chances
  • Defense
  • 3. signaling attitude – some new ideas and advanced concepts
  • 4. logical defensive thinking
  • Opening leads
  • 5. Barnet’s tips: How to select your opening leads. The clues behind the bidding or absence of a bid. Leads against slams.
  • 6. Slam bidding - cue bidding and hand evaluation

Cost: $120.00

Course 2

  • Declarer play
  • 1. avoidance plays. End plays and throw- in
  • 2. trump management for optimum results.
  • Defense
  • 3. count signals
  • 4. suit preference signals and how to use them
  • Opening leads
  • 5. lead directing doubles. leads against slams
  • 6. Slam Bidding 2 - Roman Key card some new concepts, how to make use of them. Some extra moves in Bidding slams. Try these interesting slam hands.

Cost: $120.00

Course 1+Course 2= $220.00