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The Cavendish Invitational 2010.

Last Sunday I was fortunate to be able to commentate on BBO on the last session of the Cavendish pairs. This longstanding exciting auction pairs tournament carried a first prize of $201200 to the buyer of the first placed pair and $ 129,340 for second.

There were  many great players in the field but two stood out.  Geir Helgemo and Tor Helness from Norway have won the World Championship, the Bermuda Bowl. Bobby Levin and Steve Weinstein from USA  had won 2 of the last three Cavendish Pairs. Levin- Weinstein went for $62000 in the auction and Helgemo –Helness for 48000. To get their money back from the prizes Levin Weinstein had to. finish 4th or better and Helgemo Helness 6th or better

 With one session to play The Norwegians were in first place and the Americans second.  In this tournament your score is compared with all the pairs playing in the opposite direction.  With 23 tables in play if you made a game swing that nobody else bid or made you would get eg for a vulnerable one 12 imps  times 22 or264 imps.

Often you can do nothing if your opponents do something good against you or get lucky. Your fate sometimes is out of your own hands. I was commentating on the Norwegians.

In the event the Norwegians were passed by the Americans who won the event for a  quite remarkable third time in four years. To see an interesting hand from this years final session and a sorry tale from an earlier year go to the Cavendish Invitational Pairs

I hope you are enjoying my stories . I have now posted the conclusion to  “The Fat Lady Sings” one of the most amazing comebacks in bridge history. If you have not read this story I suggest you start at part 1 and work your way forward.
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