Barnet Shenkin

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The night before the Blue Ribbon Pairs in Orlando , I had no partner and bumped into my friend Rhoda Habert from Montreal. We just sneaked into the final day in 76th place with no carryover, but had a nice game in the evening and moved up to a respectable 16th. Here is a hand from the semi - final of this event. The contract was 3 ♥. To see what happened just click next at the bottom of the hand diagram.

In all the years I have played bridge , I can't remember the last time I made such an unusual play and that it actually worked. At the end of the hand my partner picked up my cards and riffled through them searching for the  ♦ 10. The following day, my East opponent who seemed confused at the time ,found me in the hallway and told me he could not understand it at the time but had now realised why I had made the play.

I spend a lot of time telling students that you need the 10 in either hand, before you can make a play of running the J when you own the K in the other hand.  So don't try this at home unless you know where the Ace lies and it is your only chance to make your contract. Remember any chance is better than no chance at all.