Barnet Shenkin

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In the final of the US team trials for the World Championship a very young team, Dan Zagorin, Kevin BathhurstJoel Woolridge, John Hurd ,Justin Lall, Joe Grue led the more experienced Diamond team Platnick, Moss Gitelman ,Hampson Greco by a wide margin 75 imps  with 1 set to go .
The Diamond team put up a great fight  but fell short recovering 50 imps in the last set.Towards the end Hampson Greco won two swings with very well bid grand slams. Below is a beautifully bid hand using a strong club system. Click next to follow the play
     Many years ago on an English tv program a 100000 pounds prize was given should any pair bid and make two grandslams consecutively. The odds of this happening were deemed astronomical and an insurance company insured against it happening with the sponsor. needless to say it did not happen !  Lucky for the insurance company they did not have these hands and the north south pair !!