Barnet Shenkin

One of bridge's funniest tales by Barnet Shenkin next

I had the pleasure of partnering my old friend Victor Silverstone originally from Glasgow, but now from London ,in the one day Swiss in Orlando on Sunday.Towards the end , we arrived at a table and Drew Casen who I knew well from his Boca days was sitting there.

He told us his story. Playing in the Semi - Final of the Reisinger teams it came to the last board, the contract had been bid and his partner was to play the hand. His partner felt ill and asked the opponents if it was ok if Drew played the hand . They very sportingly allowed this without further a do. As screens were being used in this important event , Drew walked round the screen and took his position in his partner's seat. To the surprise of both his opponents he then lifted the screen to reveal the empty chair in which he had previously been sitting.  " How can you possibly bid this way" he exclaimed  addressing the empty chair and  shaking his head . His opponents burst into laughter.