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Zia Mahmood
Zia Mahmood

Zia learned his trade in London playing rubber bridge. In my opinion his natural flair and ability to read his opponent’s cards and thoughts make him possibly the most successful rubber bridge player of all time. In the same vein he has a successful record of winning large pair events with a selection of different partners. Zia‘s uncanny bridge imagination is unparalelled.

He enjoyed a successful partnership with Michael Rosenberg, my early partner, for many years and they were second in the Olympiad Pairs in Montreal and runner up in the Bermuda Bowl.

He has recently started a new partnership with Bob Hamman. This means he no longer has to contend with opposing Meckstroth and Rodwell as they are his teammates. He won his first Bermuda Bowl in the Nickell team in 2009 and it is likely to be the first of many.

A flamboyant character who enjoys hot cuisine and good red wine he is always good fun to kibitz. He has now settled down in London with his wife Emma and two sons.

I played with Zia as my partner in 2 winning Icelandic Open teams.