Barnet Shenkin

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Here was the very next board, no 60. at this time our team trailed by 30
Dlr: W
Vul: E/W




Shenkin  Cliff Coyle  Burn
P 1N  2♣* X
 XX** P  2♦*** 3N
 P  P  P  P


                                                                    *   Hearts and another   .    **   5 Clubs    *** Diamonds 

                                               In our room ,after Coyle's intervention over 1N, N/S never looked like bidding slam.The best slam is 6♣ which will go down, ,due to the 5-0 break. 6N has 12 tricks with the aid of two finesses. Let's see how the doc handled the hand       


Niblett  Haase   Ellsworth Cuthbertson 
1♦   P  1♥
 P 2♥   P   6♥ 
 P  X

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6♥  X    was worth  1210 points when East's double was not a success. East meant it as a Lightner double for a Club lead .He hoped his partner had long clubs, and would guess to give him a ruff. In fact, no lead or defense  would defeat 6♥X. Less the game bid in the other room ,this was a gain to our team of 12 imps, and we now trailed by 18 imps with four boards to play.

Board 61 was a push and on board 62 our team gained 3 imps, when I doubled a game that was bid in both rooms, and went down one. Only two boards to play, and our team was down by 15 imps.

To be concluded in part 4