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The most sensational story in bridge by Barnet Shenkin next

Bridge's most sensational ever cheating episode and my full story caught the eye of the surviving member of the picture taken at the table shown on site.
Marcelo Lerner of  Argentina is now 87 and is still playing bridge in competition. He writes in:

Dear Mr. Shenkin: excuse me if my english is not good enough. Thank you for allowing me to add something to your article. I think it shows perfectly what happened in Buenos Aires though there may be a small difference. In those days the general opinion was that Dorothy Hayden started the investigation and finally discovered the code after several nights observing hand after hand. Of course she consulted with her partner Becker and afterwards with Alan Truscott.In the photo you show, I am sitting at the right of Reese. It is true, we wore tuxedo to play at night, it was normal those days. Of course, my partner Alberto Berisso and I didn’t know anything about what   was happening. Next day I was carrying books to ask Reese to sign them, when I received the terrible notice. I must add that Reese and Schapiro had already left Buenos Aires.The rest of the England team remained here and went to the final dinner party. There they became largely applauded by the players and the rest of the guests that assisted to the party. Sincerely yours, Marcelo Lerner

It must have been a great shock to find the person he wanted to autograph his books become the center of the biggest scandal in bridge. Thanks to him for writing in.

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