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I  have  now completed my story of the sensational events that took place starting in Buenos Aires in 1965. The cheating allegations against one of the world's most famous partnerships , Reese and Schapiro rocked the Bridge World. As for the aftermath and the Foster Tribunal my late father Louis became directly involved.For those of you who have been following the story the final part is here 

For those not yet started the story you can read the full account. I have also posted a hand , photograph, and notes from my father's files. In addition I have copied from the original Foster Report a couple of sections. You can obtain both the book " The Great Bridge Scandal" from me and a copy of the original Foster Report signed by Sir John Foster and Lord Bourne from me.

Yesterday I did some commentary on BBO on the Senior Camrose which was held in Glasgow. It pained me to see a fellow Scotsman and friend Ross Harper on the winning English team. This team also contained a Swede , Gunnar Hallberg. Another famous bridge playing Scotsman and partner of mine Victor Silverstone was on a different English team. You have to wonder where all the English bridge players are ?

The weekend was good and bad for Scots as Andy Murray got knocked out of the tennis at Roland Garros , bad but Dario Franchetti won the Indianopolis 500 for the second time so that was very good.

For all visitors to the site , I hope you have joined my free club and should you like what you see can post a comment , either at the end of the blog section or at the end of lectures and learning.

Wishing you all a great start t the summer months,


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