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If you wish to enjoy yourself and take the opportunity of seeing bridge as it should but rarely is played there are a couple of sites you should put on your favorites. gave the up to date results and bulletins of the recent world championships and for a bundle of tournaments and information as well as vugraph go to bridgepalaza com.

I recently had the pleasure of reading one of the excellent bulletins from the world championships and picked out this hand which was reported by the editor and featured the two teams that finished joint first in the round robin, Norway and Poland.

Dlr: East, Vul: All

  Pass 1♥
Pass 2♣Pass 2♥
Pass 2♠Pass 3♦
XPassPass 3♥
Pass 4♣Pass 5♣

North surprisingly did not support hearts and 5 clubs could not be made on the actual layout it went down 2 for 200 to Norway.

  Pass 1♥
Pass 2♣Pass 2♥
Pass 2♠Pass2NT
Pass 3♥Pass 3♠
Pass3NTPass 4♦
Pass 4♥All Pass 

3Nt would have been too easy for Helgemo so he gave himself 4 hearts apparently off 3 trumps and a diamond.

Martens led the ♣4 . Geir won the club in dummy and played a diamond for the king and ace .He took the second club in dummy and played a third high club ruffed with the 3 and overuffed.Now a diamond ruff spade ace and another diamond ruff was followed by the ♠k.He now had 7 tricks . Another spade was ruffed and overruffed by west West tried a diamond but helgemo was able to ruff this for his eighth winner.Now he was down to the aq8 of hearts and west had the KJ10. He played the ♥8 and the unfortunate martens had to give helgemo the last two tricks with the AQ.

How did he guess to play this way. He had two clues. First east could only ruff the third club with the 3 suggesting this was his highest and possibly the questions before the opening lead had alerted him. Anyway the wizard was congratulated by a sporting Martens for his fine play and the vugraph audience showed their appreciation.