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Gabriel Chagas
Gabriel Chagas

I first met Gabriel at the Sunday Times in 1976. We had a few drinks together in the bar. I then watched him win The World Olympiad Championship in 1976 in Monte Carlo. He is one of bridge’s characters. He speaks a bunch of languages and is an entertaining dinner companion.

He usually brings his own two bottles to the restaurant carried in a special wine case. He visited Florida and Maggie and I went down to eat at Bellines a rather fancy restaurant in Coconut Grove Miami.

We started with champagne and then went on to the excellent wines he had brought. He ordered an extra course along the way “When I take fish as a main dish I always take another course” he explained. While the bill was rather a lot I had fortunately won just enough money at rubber bridge that day to cover the cost!

Chagas was always a quick thinking inspired type of player. To see an example of this look at this hand.