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Billy Eisenberg
Billy Eisenberg

When I was just starting to play bridge in the early seventies the Italian Blue team were on the way out and the Aces were on the way in. I envied the lifestyle of Billy Eisenberg and the Aces and carefully monitored their progress. In 1970 I drove with a friend from Glasgow to Stockholm to support the Aces win their first World Championship and it was the first for USA remarkably since 1954.

I became friendly with Billy after visiting LA and when we were looking for a place in Boca Raton Florida he suggested we look near where he was living and so we got a place about 20 yards from his! We must have chased him away because he is now back in California!

While he was in Florida we played together occasionally in Benito’s rubber bridge game. I remember him psyching opportunely and stealing our contract.

We played on 2 teams together. Once in the Spingold and more recently at the 2006 European Mixed Teams Championship in Antalya Turkey. Billy partnered Connie Goldberg and I partnered Migry-Zur Campanile. We reached the round of 16 and lost a close match to a French team.